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Wild Twitter Thread Proves People Age Better Than They Used To

Ever wonder why family photos from the past make everyone seem older than they are? You're not alone. The same idea seemed to stump Twitter user Brandon McCarthy, who took to social media to find out WTF is up with the phenomenon. Other people quickly chimed in with photos of actors, musicians, and professional sports players who looked far older than their years. We may have plastic surgery and fillers on our side, but it's more likely that better skincare and less cigarette smoking are helping us out in old age. Whatever it is, these photographs are definitely making us feel better about our wrinkles and imperfections. 

Mind-boggling twitter thread about how people seemed to age faster in the past, featuring celebrity photos, actors, pro sports players, musicians, clark gable, pat morita, karate kid | Ralph Macchio is about same age now Pat Morita at time Karate Kid. And Clark Gable is 39 here.
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