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Nickelodeon Just Announced That Spongebob Is Gay, The Internet Debates

In honor of Pride month, Nickelodeon just announced that Spongebob identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Fans, however, are having heated debates over this. While many agree with Nickelodeon's announcement, saying that it's been obvious that Spongebob was gay from day one, others are accusing Nickelodeon of virtue signalling. Some have even pointed out that the show's creator Stephen Hillenburg meant for Spongebob to be asexual. There are a lot of valid points being made in this heated debate, and of course, some excellent meme-age, so go ahead and get scrolling!

Funny reaction memes to Nickelodeon's announcement that Spongebob is gay | Nickelodeon nick @Nickelodeon Celebrating #Pride community and their allies this month and every month with LGBTQ 8: by @ramzymasri) | NICKELODEON 00 inspired make spongebob gay? MONEY
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