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17 Spicy Insults That Deserve Respect

We lament cyberbullies and sad internet trolls on the regular. But sometimes, every once in a while, YouTube commenters and members of the peanut gallery impress us with their savage wit. The r/rareinsults subreddit is full of these rare and beautiful moments. It's a veritable encyclopedia of savagery and spice. We've put together some of the latest and greatest right here, but if you crave more ferocious takedowns, head over to Reddit. You may end up feeling inspured.

Funny, spicy and savage rare insults on youtube and twitter | Faith Naff @FaithNaff Elon Musk is Tony Stark ordered off Wish. 7:27 05 May 20 Twitter Web App 404 Retweets 1,741 Likes
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