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27 Cringey Neckbeard Memes That'll Fill You With Shame

If you're feeling down or like your life isn't going anywhere, we've got some memes and pics for you. Incels and neckbeards, with their cheeto-dusted fingers and Mountain Dew tinted teeth, are basically the stuff of facepalm legend. They lurk the internet making fools of themselves, and entertainment for us. These are their stories.

Funny and cringey neckbeard memes, justneckbeardthings | DONT THINK GIRLS ARE STINKY POOS! GIRLS ARE STINKY POOS! YEAH! diary of a wimpy kid Nice Guy 100 | Nice music ladies are very attractive am mod over at /r/theredpill. If are tired dating beta males, come talk Or don't don't really care (l am an alpha male and don't really care if want us or not) But if DO decide would like talk not care if do, don't be surprised if don't want play silly games know want, and take don't fool around trying
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