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Doctor's Twitter Thread Brilliantly Destigmatizes Waking Up Late

This Twitter thread may seem like common knowledge to some people, but society seems to disagree. Bostonite and sleep specialist Dr. Syed Moin Hassan took to the website to challenge the notion that night owls and late-risers are lazy bums that don't contribute to society. And judging by the response - and 25 thousand retweets, it was seriously appreciated. 

Dr. Hassan explained that his frustrated patients who are late risers felt immense relief when educated on the topic of circadian rhythms, which regulate a person's sleep cycle, and dictate their comfort at any given hour of the day. If your circadian rhythm is "off," the average 9-5 schedule might not be sustainable. To battle this issue, you can try to align your rhythm with your social life via melatonin and light, or you can simply try to coordinate your social life with your irregular sleep cycle. 

The response to the thread has been overwhelmingly positive. People who are more productive at later hours feel vindicated, and people who thought they merely had insomnia feel enlightened. We're just hoping our bosses will get on board, too. 

informative twitter thread from syed moin hassan about circadian rhytms, waking up late, sleep cycles | tweet by Syed Moin Hassan, M.D syedmoinhassan don't know who needs hear this BUT ARE NOT LAZY IF ARE WAKING UP AT NOON have spent hours with patients with delayed circadian sleep phase trying destigmatize sleeping late and waking up late. 1/4
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