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Pompous News Anchor Gets Roasted For Claiming That Millennials Can't Do Anything For Themselves

British Sky News anchor Jayne Secker has come under fire for her patronizing comments yesterday in an interview with Kirsty Archer, a young politician who stated that the cost of living in London is far too high for many people, and that getting evicted from a rental home could cost a tenant £2,000.

Secker, who is a landlord herself, countered Archer's comments by claiming that it's the young renters who are at fault here because they do not have the "basic skills" (including changing a light bulb and knowing how to turn on their heaters) to rent homes.

Secker later issued an "apology" tweet for her comments, which some are calling out for being a non-apology. You can watch the Sky News video and read some of Twitter's reactions to it below!

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