shrek bae


Meet Shrek Bae: The Teen That Has Stolen The Internet's Heart

18-year-old Theo Karras unwittingly became an internet celebrity a few days ago after his sister shared a video featuring his impressive Shrek-impersonating skills. The video, in which the siblings were entertaining themselves during a long car trip, features Theo reciting Shrek and Donkey's first meeting word for word. The teen, who is unsurprisingly involved in theater, would make Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy very, very proud. 

Theo's talents have been particularly popular on Twitter, where many girls and women have proclaimed him the perfect man. While he has been enjoying the attention, he took to Twitter to explain that he is overwhelmed - and also amused - by his newfound fame. "Idk if I'm upset for becoming know as the guy who recites Shrek." Well, Theo. There are definitely far worse reasons to become famous. Embrace your ogre-ly fame and keep on Shrek Bae-ing.

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