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Twitter Thread: Frustrated Husband Buys Entire Truck Of Rice, Madness Ensues

Writer Shiv Ramdas became a huge hit on Twitter yesterday after sharing what became a viral saga of his frustrated brother-in-law, a truck of rice, and his absolutely terrifying-sounding sister. The "BIL" in question had apparently grown weary of being sent to the store for rice every damn day. And it seems the man finally snapped - and instead of ordering a big bag of the staple grain, he purchased an entire truck of rice. Needless to say, his wife was not happy with the truck of rice in front of the house. And some intense (and hilarious) negotiating ensued. We've put the story in this gallery, but be sure to follow Shiv if you like his storytelling. We definitely do.

funny tweet about brother in law who gets tired of going to buy rice every day and buys AN entire truck of it, angry wife, lorry driver | Shiv Ramdas @nameshiv brother law gift never stops giving tired being sent get rice every day so he decided buy bulk, talked shop about wires got crossed, now there is OMG my literal TRUCK FILLED WITH RICE outside house and my sister is losing her shit Imfao 15:06 03 Sep 20 Twitter Web App 33.8K Retweets 15.5K Quote Tweets 209K Likes Shiv Ramdas @nameshiv
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