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School Bus Driver Violently Throws 'Kid' Off Of Bus, Shocks Ignorant Passersby

Well, here's a story with an M. Night Shyamalan twist for you! Twitter user @BonLouBoutinshared a video earlier today featuring a bus driver seemingly throwing a student off of his yellow school bus. We're relieved to report he was doing his civic duty and actually protecting the children trying to get to or from school. The small person he ejected from the vehicle was in fact a grown man, much to the shock of the people who had just been admonishing the driver. While the video is kind of amusing, it's also immensely disturbing that a creep could get away with this. We tip our hat to this gallant bus driver for doing what had to be done.

Crazy video of school bus driver throwing kid off of bus, turns out it is a midget / little person, a grown man.
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