Choosy Beggar Thinks Knitter Deserves Less Than $2 An Hour For Labor

We've come across a lot of unfortunate tales of choosy beggars while perusing the internet, but this entitled person is absolutely legendary. After this cheapskate aggressively attempts to commission a Queen-sized crocheted blanket, they balk at the price for materials and labor. When the knitter explains the $400 price tag for over 100 hours of knitting, the tightwad still complains that the cost is unreasonable, and stoops to petty abuse. Fortunately, the knitter (who doesn't even make blankets for a living) ends up getting the last word. 

entitled person tries to tell knitter that theyre unreasonable for charging less than two dollars an hour for their time, flight instructor | insane charging way too much want wool blanket is essentially queen size made wool want complex stitch works up extremely slowly blanket as large as are requesting such
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