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Twitter Reacts To SNL's Cringey Stereotype-Filled Aer Lingus Sketch

Saturday Night Live is catching some serious flack over Saturday's questionable sketch that brazenly mocked Irish culture. The segment, which was meant to poke fun at Irish airline Aer Lingus, was overflowing stereotypes that ranged from cheap (the in-flight menu consisted of only potatoes) to bizarre (dogs, everywhere). 

Perplexed fans tweeted their distaste for both the skit and host Saoirse Ronan's impression of an Aer Lingus flight attendant - but the airline itself managed to steal the show. In retaliation, Aer Lingus penned a Donald Trump-esque tweet, calling the episode unwatchable and biased. Perhaps Saturday Night Live should think about refreshing their writer's room if they can't feature an Irish host without making jokes about potatoes. 

Twitter reactions to Saoirse Ronan's hosting of Saturday Night Live, Aer Lingus, Irish stereotypes, potatoes, dogs, sketch, comedy.
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