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Belle Delphine's "Fake" Pornhub Account Is Bringing The Memes

Ahegao e-girl Belle Delphine excited a lot of weeaboos earlier this week after posting a thirst trap promising that if it garnered a million likes she'd start a Pornhub account. It took merely days for it to reach 1.8 million likes, and yesterday, when she fulfilled her promise, many of her fans were sorely disappointed. While she lived up the to the account creation, her videos feature very saucy titles paired with very PG content. Instead of "two cocks" she features a video of herself playing with a couple of chickens. You get the idea. This "deception" has inspired quite a few outraged memes from the r/dankmemes subreddit. People are even accusing her of ripping off Ryan Creamer's wholesome Pornhub videos. Controversy aside, we honestly find her videos to be pretty entertaining, lewdness or not. We've put together some of her account's highlights so you don't have to search the porn in public, and the memes because they're just great.

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