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Wendy's Roasts McDonald's To Announce Their New Breakfast Menu

It's been a while since we enjoyed a good Wendy's roast session, but their Twitter team really brought it yesterday. The fast food restaurant went after McDonald's in a sly and funny attempt at announcing the March launch of their breakfast menu. Judging by all the attention the thread received from brands and roast-hungry fans, the PR move was a success. Even the Uno account had to get in on the fun. 

We've included some of the better exchanges, but you can catch more fire by scrolling through the thread here. We hate to admit it, but those Wendy's breakfast sandwiches are making us hungry after all those brutal roasts.

Funny roasts from wendy's trying to roast mcdonald's in an attempt to promote their new breakfast menu | Wendy's @Wendys Hey @McDonalds, roast us. bear-ly func @BearCherian Replying Can't find roast setting on their microwave UNO @realUNOgame UNO Replying could never SKIP this. Wendy's @Wendys Draw 4 4
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