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Relationship Memes For The Romantically Committed

You thought the sappy content was over because Valentine's Day has come and gone? You were wrong. But there's more than saccharine relationship memes in this gallery. This gallery is a shout out to the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of being coupled up. It's not always (and sometimes never) rose petals and chocolates. It's more like, minor grudges, eating dinner in silence on the couch, juggling two families worth of plans and sometimes just being happy to get a few minutes alone. These memes represent that real kind of love that is kind of hard to convey in a pink card. And if you want to keep digging have some spicy relationship memes about the dark side of dating, and some regular relationship memes to send your special someone.

Funny and relatable memes about relationships, dating and marriage | type headaches: HYPERTENSION MIGRAINE STRESS Deciding eat with partner. tweet by Swift G @gaijinz33 This like be treated homies arent around man getting bottle fed by woman
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