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Prince Philip Is Getting Meme'd After Brief Hospital Visit

The Queen of England's other half found himself the subject of a meme following a brief hospital stay. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, had been in the hospital for four days due to a "pre-existing condition." He was photographed en route to the Royal family's Christmas celebrations in Sandingham, and people were quick to notice the 98 year old's peakish and almost frightening appearance. But let's be real - Phil is looking pretty good for his age. That definitely didn't stop the memes. Memers expressed fear for the Duke's health, astonishment at his appearance, and used the images to make self-deprecating jokes. While we feel a bit guilty for supporting the internet's efforts at roasting an old man, the memes are pretty entertaining. 

funny memes about prince philip leaving hospital, funny tweets | DAILY MIRROR Prince Philip leaves hospital time spend Christmas with Queen Domonique Simone He need go fuck back. coming work at 6 am after going bed at 2 am.
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