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Twitter Users Share Their Depressing & Hilarious Quarantine Routines

As the people of the world continue to try to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are finding themselves forced to stay in their homes. Almost a quarter of the United States is sheltering in place and so is much of Europe. That means lots of people are trying to figure out new ways to structure their days. As options are limited when cooped up, these "routines" are often kind of depressing, and Twitter users have started to make self-deprecating posts about their quarantine routines. Here are our favorites.

Funny tweets about coronavirus covid-19 quarantine routines | Kevin Farzad @KevinFarzad My Quarantine Routine just wanted share works This is just give structure and sense stability 9 am 2 am: wake up stare at my phone | GOOKO @GOOKO My quarantine routine: 7 AM wake up) 8 AM: wake up inside 9 AM can't wake up) 3 PM: wake up inside 4 PM SAAAAVE 5 PM: CALL MY NAME AND SAAAAVE DARK 6 PM: Pesto pasta, again
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