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'Quarantine Barbies' Put A Sadly Relatable Spin On The Classic Dolls

Remember the beginning of quarantine back in March? We thought we'd come out of the ordeal stronger, healthier, and with a greater appreciation for the privileges that come with "real life." Unfortunately, for many of us, that dream was very, very far from the truth. Many of us packed on the pounds, fought with our partners, and nearly lost our minds trying to juggle working from home and parenting. It was a nightmare - one that some people are still living. 

Barbie enthusiast Tonya Ruiz has decided use the simpler horrors of living through the pandemic to create versions of the classic dolls that people can actually relate to in these apocalyptic times. From manically trying to pick up new hobbies, to binge-eating and chugging wine, these remixed Barbies reflect our harrowing experiences. They also showcase Ruiz's creativity and attention to detail. We just wish we'd had a hobby like this to get us through the darker days of lockdown. 

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