IHOb Just Revealed What The 'B' Stands For And Nobody's Into It

The restaurant formerly known as the International House Of Pancakes made waves last week after announcing a name change to "IHOb." The chain remained coy about what the "b" stands for - until today. The answer, much to the internet's chagrin, is burgers.

We reported this "intel" last week after a couple IHOP insiders reported the beefy news. The restaurant is looking to remind people that they serve lunch and dinner, and have added several new burgers to their breakfast-y menu. So far, the internet has reacted with disbelief, confusion and anger. People who love IHOP apparently go there for the breakfast food - and are feeling pretty B-etrayed.

While we're not sure if the burgers will take off the way IHOP is hoping, we do have good news for the House of Pancakes purists - that P isn't actually going anywhere.

Funny twitter reactions to International house of pancakes (ihop) changing name to ihob.
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