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Failed Candidate Beards Inspire Twitter Thread Of Zingers And Photoshops

Twitter user @Voodoo_Pork wowed the site yesterday when they posted evidence that many failed presidential candidates share this one weird trait: "Sad Dad Beards." The tweet came with ample evidence of this trend, with snaps of presidential hopefuls from Pete Buttigieg to Ted Cruz. Funny replies started stacking up, with some serious zingers and a whole lot of photoshopped images of female candidates. And guess what? We've put 'em all here for your easy access. Bearded Elizabeth Warren is definitely something else. 

funny tweet about failed presidential candidates growing beards | Voodoo Pork @Voodoo_Pork Every failed Presidential candidate eventually grows sad dad beard CLASSIC | Eva Cantor Give Orson Welles s PoRiverJamBand Replying Voodoo_Pork and @ZeeZeeMooMoo Like or not, this trendsetter.
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