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Thailand's Plastic Bag Ban Forcing Shoppers To Get Hilariously Creative

Thailand started the year with a strict plastic bag ban, much to the chagrin of the cult of bag-savers 'round the South Asian country. Shoppers have yet to adopt the cute canvas totes that are popular in the United States and Canada. Instead, Thais are opting to get creative with their shopping vessels, using objects a large as a wheelbarrow and stuff as dainty (and crafty) as a clothespin hanger. We've put together some of our favorite unorthodox grocery transporters, but there's a huge Facebook album with loads more photos where these came from.  

funny pictures of thai people shopping after plastic bag ban in thailand, people shopping using weird objects | Thailand started 2020 with major plastic bag ban so now Thais have made trend put their shoppings random things living LMFAO. man carrying groceries using a hanging a drying rack and clothespins. woman carrying in groceries inside a large pot.
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