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Green Book's Controversial Oscar Win Is Getting The Royal Meme Treatment

It's Tuesday after the Academy Awards and people are still buzzing about Green Book's controversial Oscar win. Prior to receiving the gold statue, its writer apologized for anti-Muslim sentiment, Viggo Mortensen idiotically used the N-word, and we were (rightfully) reminded of Peter Farrelly's sexual misconduct. The director seems to have a habit of showing people his dick.

The film is considered the "whitest" black film at the Awards ceremony, and many people are wondering why a movie that's basically about a white man (The incredible Dr. Don Shirley's driver) is being lauded as such a black success story. Especially when considering the wealth of black-made films that were up for awards. The shallowness of this choice is even more painful when you realize it was up against If Beale Street Could Talk, a film based on James Baldwin's novel of the same name. He is a legendary painter of the black experience. 

While opponents made their opinions known on all channels, the sass was loudest on Twitter, where people have funneled their disgust and skepticism into memes. The most successful have been comparing the film to the kind of white friend that loudly proclaims their allyship in a misguided and somewhat shallow way. The memes may not change the brains of the Academy, but they'll definitely make sure that people know where we're at.

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