Relatable Memes For PC Geeks

It feels like a year has passed since we Americans received that $1,200 stimulus check. While some people used the payment to pay rent or keep themselves afloat in the beginning of the pandemic, we noticed that some of our geekier friends were committed to spending that guap and stimulating the economy. Not by making a few frivolous clothing purchases or decking their home-prisons with houseplants. Instead, these crafty computer geeks dropped that sweet government money on fresh PC builds. Bright lights. Coolant. Enough memory to run some serious games. While these concepts might be lost on many of us, they're basically a religion over at r/pcmasterrace. The subreddit is a home for people eager to share their builds with like-minded individuals, and has proven itself to be a wonderful source for highly specific memes. We've thrown a few of them together here, but if you need more, the subreddit is flush with 'em. And we promise they won't crash your computer. 

Funny memes for PC nerds | Laptop gamers summer. Laptop gamers winter. imgflip.com Drakeposting meme about laptops heating up | with my first PC now Why wont RDR2 run at 150 fps? Wow cant believel broke 30 fps minecraft! swole doge vs cheems
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