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Twitter Users Bond Over The Heartless Entitlement Of Patio Diners

Dining outside, in many parts of the United States, is a happy seasonal treat. A chance to take in the sunlight while enjoying a relaxing drink or some good food. But as many cities are reopening following coronavirus lockdowns (some only allowing outdoor dining) Twitter user @fresshel (Helen) felt the need to remind people of how insufferable and entitled patio diners can be. Her June 19th tweet reads:

" Anyone who has worked at a restaurant with outdoor seating already knew tht patio people do not care if u live or die"

While this may sound like an unfair generalization of people who prefer to dine al fresco, it seems that many people who have worked in restaurant and bar service agree with Helen's sentiment. In the tweet's replies, people are sharing horror stories of "patio people" and revealing that a surprising number of sadistic people actually dine in the rain - forcing their servers to get soaked or be escorted with an umbrella. Next time you decide to sit on the patio, remember these people and avoid this entitled behavior. And remember to tip your server.

Funny tweets about rude and entitled patio people, restaurants, patios, funny | lemon labradorite @mamandelulu Replying xLaboure @freshhel and @hooleil Classic. Also s really sunny at this table don't have another spot looking at same damn packed patio they are no mean, yes inside. This is outside, ma'am sun is just out here and stuff | certified wide @bacchus2014 Replying freshhel and @lunch_enjoyer worked at an outdoor restaurant with covered outdoor patio. Table insisted on sitting out there
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