Dude Asks Reddit For Advice After Girlfriend Starts Believing She's A Cat

Reddit's r/relationship_advice community has been especially active these days - mostly filled with people coping with coronavirus lockdowns and the relationship issues that go hand in hand with being quarantined with someone. Dating is never easy, but the threads that become popular on this subreddit sometimes show cringier dilemmas than we ever thought possible. And that's definitely the case for this unlucky couple. As the frustrated man explained to the community late last night, his girlfriend recently "came out" to him as an otherkin. After eight months of dating, she revealed that she feels she is a cat in a human's body. 

His partner, who believes she can communicate with cats, went as far as to quit her job. Why? Because cats don't work. The whole thing sounds excruciating, and redditors were quick to respond with both earnest advice, and some seriously hilarious comment gold. And we've included both category of response for your convenient perusal. Here's hoping he gets out of this one relatively unscathed.

Cringey r/relationship_advice thread about boyfriend whose girlfriend tells him she is a cat, otherkin, cringe, funny, cringeworthy, dating, relationships | My (24M) girlfriend (26F) fully believes she is cat human's body. Ir/all TI;dr: gf now thinks she is an otherkin cat human's body and refuses see anything wrong with situation echo chamber she is now has done nothing but enable her and don't know do know people are going think either trolling or baiting but please read before comment this
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