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Millennials Apparently Have *No Clue* What A Butter Knife Is, According To This Survey

Oh look, Millennials are back at it ruining everything! A new survey conducted by Porch and tweeted out by Now This News claims that Millennials might be the worst generation at cooking ever, and that nearly 40% don't even know what a butter knife is. Additionally, only about 40% know how to carve a turkey. The horror.

Porch surveyed 750 people of all ages, asking them if they considered themselves to be "good cooks" - just over 60% of Millennials answered yes, while well over 70% of Baby Boomers said the same.   

Many on Twitter have pointed out that the reasoning and methods used by the surveyors is heavily flawed - it's almost like hating on Millennials is all just a big marketing ploy to distract us from real problems! Lol nah, that can't be it...

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