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The Internet Is Simping For Kim Jong-Un's Sister

As the world crumbles under various economic and health crises, the powers that be decided to mix some serious rumors of Kim Jong-Un's death into the absolute shit show. News of the North Korean dictator's death or grave illness following heart surgery began pouring in last week and have been swirling around since. But the most fascinating and ridiculous result of the news has been the internet freaking out about his sister, Kim Yo-Jong

As soon as speculation about Kim Jong-Un's health started popping up, so did news of who would take over for him. His sister, Kim-Yo-Jong, is the most logical successor. And as photos began popping up of the younger Kim, so did simp-tastic tweets. The idea of people stanning the member of the dangerous family is both hilarious and stupid. But it's all pretty entertaining. So we've put together some of the most pathetic, simp-y tweets we could find. And a few from people who are just flummoxed by the "bad takes." Happy scrolling.

Funny tweets that simp for kim yo-jong, kim jong-un's sister, north korea | Is Mike Hunt Parking Lot moriya2k2 Replying Juche_Gaming need Kim Yo Jong. DOPT HER 11:38 AM 4/24/20 Missouri City, TX Twitter Android | surprised pikachu Aly D @ALLpsjd All these horny mfs and members girl power cult Kim yo jong bombs their country 11:43 PM 4/25/20 Twitter Android
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