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Writer Imagines Dates With Democratic Presidential Candidates

Twitter is unsurprisingly abuzz with a lot of hot political takes this primary season, but some people are having more fun with the content than others. Writer Nicole Najafi is proof. On Saturday, Najafi shared nine imaginary dates with the most popular democratic presidential candidates, and most of them are delightfully amusing - and in our opinion, pretty damn accurate. Of course Michael Bloomberg would find a way to work in some Spanish. We've included Najafi's dates in this gallery, but you can take in the whole damn thread right here.

Twitter thread imagining dates with democratic presidential candidates, bernie sanders, michael bloomberg, joe biden, amy klobuchar, donald trump, elizabeth warren, andrew yang | nicole Najafi @NicoleNajafi Replying NicoleNajafi Joe Biden He takes dinner Meatpacking District. He orders cosmo before arrive, like on new show Sex and City He talks all night about hot nightclub where his friend Barack has table and can "get us Barack never shows up DATE WITH JOE BIDEN 11:07 AM 2/22/20 Twitter Web Ap
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