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Good news, everyone on this planet! Things are really shaping up for us Memebasers and Cheezburgs!

This Monday, February 13th, the last day before Singles Awareness Day, we're uppin' the visual ante! To quote Aladdin, a whole new world of change is coming your way, and the sites are gonna look hecka different (but not SO different that you'll get lost in cyberspace)! The anticipation! Can you feel it?

Fun times include: much easier and more dynamic sharing! Adding to Cheezburger Sites and Favorites has never been simpler! Also: better support for Facebook, which I know is your favorite book! Plus, exclamation marks everywhere!

There might not be voting on the front page anymore (vote pages will remain unchanged) BUT who needs voting when you have eye candy? A new, cooler, more handsome voting system is in the works, but it's so secret that not even Conspiracy Keanu has any thoughts about it.

I hope you stay tuned because in the sequel, everyone is still dead. See ya Monday (also tomorrow) (also forever)!