Mondays Suck


30+ Funny Memes To Help You Forget About Monday's Impending Dread

Screw Mondays, have these memes instead! And if not these memes, then try these other Monday memes instead of those other memes or these. 

Mondays are a very difficult hurdle to surmount so early in the work-week. While the work is there on your desk, and so are you, your mind might not be. It's perfectly normal, but that doesn't take away from the problem. 

Enter memes. These little funny images with words on them also typically carry some kind of social information embedded within them so that they are memorable, funny, and most importantly, a good distraction for anyone with the case of the Mondays. Different people handle their Mondays differently, and hence there are different memes depending on which suffering you experience. Savage AF Monday memes are probably the most extreme of the spectrum, so start there and work your way backwards if you are not sure which meme intensity is right for you.

funny memes against Monday blues and other natural phenomena
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