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15 Professional Memes For The Office Worker Who's Dead Inside

Office jobs are tough, man. Sitting all day can be really hard on your body, and not to mention, sometimes your boss doesn't even have enough work for you to do for the full eight hours! We totally get you, so we made a list of memes that express the frustrations of that excruciating office grind. Nothing can prevent you from feeling the daily monotony of the work day. It is like the rising and setting of the sun, it happens whether you wish it to, or not. OR even fight against it in some Don Quixote-esque battle against natural forces far superior to your miserable existence. But enough of this reality smack. Keep yourself entertained and pushing through the week with these fantastic work memes all about the ins and outs, highs and lows of the work week. You won't be disappointed.

professional meme for office workers
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