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Frustrated Millennials Want You To Know They're Not On Spring Break

A host of publications like Time and the Philadelphia Daily News have been reporting that millennials are spreading coronavirus with their careless spring break partying. There's just one issue: the spring breakers are actually Zoomers. And millennials are pissed about it. As the patronizing reports beg millennials to stay inside, the generation is fighting back with tweets aimed at educating writers who are too lazy to check their facts. 

While the exact age range differs, it's generally accepted that the millennial generation was born between 1981 and 1996. That would make the youngest of the generation 23 or 24. A little old to be partying while on break from school. And on Twitter, the generation is determined to make it clear that they'd rather be baking bread in isolation than taking shots in Miami. Plus, most of us simply can't afford it. 

Funny tweets about how millennials aren't going on spring break, generation z, coronavirus, covid-19 | danny ocean @SamoanLoki Hey dumbfucks, Millennials are ages 24-39, probably with kids their own. These kids were more likely majority Zoomers and have been couple years now. This is someone who got his degree over 10 years ago. ON Philly Daily News O @PhillyDailyNews 3d Daily News Hey, millennials, this isn't spring break s pandemic Expert Opinion | Momo Kurumi @momokurumicos "If Millennials do
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