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'Laughing Michael Jordan' Memes Are Giving 'Crying Jordan' A Run For His Money

If you haven't seen The Last Dance, you should probably stop whatever it is you're doing and scope it out. The 10-part series is about the Chicago Bulls but focuses mainly on their star player Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest b-baller of all time. And probably the most memeable player of all time. The latest meme to feature Jordan is a stark contrast from the classic 'Crying Jordan' memes that have been around for years. These memes, which come from The Last Dance, instead use a gif of Jordan laughing heartily. People are mostly using them in self-deprecating and mocking manners, and many of the tweets are pure gold. Here are our favorites.

Funny memes of Michael Jordan laughing | kelly cohen @ByKellyCohen my eyebrow lady she finally sees again GIF 10:57 PM 5/10/20 Washington, DC Twitter iPhone | Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff cat who eats lasagna 11:01 PM 5/10/20 Twitter iPhone
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