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Dank Memes: He Protec but He Also Attac Is BAC

The "He Protec but He Also Attac" meme format (which is intentionally misspelled) first came on the meme scene in November of 2016. This first meme depicts a naked man holding a light saber in a calm, yet defensive pose (protec) and then the same man wielding the saber in a threatening manner (attac.)

While the format could easily be applied to a myriad of characters, it took three months for the template to start springing up on Reddit. The meme is making a huge comeback on the r/dankmemes subreddit. Instead of just using the protec/attac panels, meme makers are starting to introduce a third panel with a quality that rhymes with "attac." 

List of Protec/Attac memes featuring Pikachu, cat in the hat, barack obama, donald duck, stefan karl stefansson, george w. bush.
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