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14 Sassy Billionaire Memes That Are Too Rich For Our Blood

In the midst of the 2020 presidential elections, there's been a plethora of jokes and memes made about cringey billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his Meme 2020 campaign. 

Let's face it, this country is effed in pretty much any potential outcome of the election, so let's just say f*ck it and laugh over some memes about people who are too rich for planet earth.

Funny dank memes about billionaires | Oprah reveals she manages stay stress free at 64! Step 1: have billion dollars | spongebob mr. krab dragged by a dollar bill Billionaires they have pay taxes Noooo! Two dollars! Two dollars!
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Bloomberg Is Paying Big Meme Accounts To Post Cringe For His Campaign

Have you been seeing your favorite Instagram meme accounts posting cringey exchanges with presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg? You're not imagining things. Bloomberg's campaign has been working with big money-hungry meme accounts like @tank.sinatra to try to reach young voters.  The group of memers is calling themselves "Meme 2020" and is run by strategist Mick Purzycki - chief executive of the controversial Jerry Media marketing company. Jerry Media is the brainchild of @fuckjerry - who was most recently in the news for being at the heart of a meme-crediting controversy a la @thefatjewish. The accounts within the collective are posting fabricated exchanges with Bloomberg's Instagram account, usually involving Bloomberg asking for them to make him seem like hip candidate. Yikes.

According to Know Your Meme, the accounts posting for Meme 2020 are as follows:

  • @fuckjerry 
  • @fuckadvertisements
  • @WhitePeopleHumor
  • @TheFunnyIntrovert
  • @KaleSalad
  • @Sonny5ideUp
  • @Tank.Sinatra
  • @ShitheadSteve
  • @adam.the.creator
  • @moistbudda
  • @MrsDowJones
  • @TrashCanPaul
  • @cohmedy
  • @NeatDad
  • @FourTwenty
  • @GolfersDoingThings
  • @DrGrayFang
  • @MiddleClassFancy
  • @DoYouEvenLift 

It's a hefty list with a combined reach of tens of million Instagram users. Most of the accounts are paid to regurgitate other people's content, often from Twitter. It should come as no surprise that they would jump at the attempt to make some money in this manner. Unfortunately for these accounts, their efforts at elevating Bloomberg's campaign are being viewed as incredibly cringey. Other memers are retaliating with parodies of the fake Bloomberg exchanges  - but at this point, is that not free PR for Bloomberg? 

The whole thing is a bit of a confusing mess, especially when considering that the posts' ironic nature makes it less clear that the content is sponsored. We've clearly entered a new era of campaigning, and it looks like we'll just have to buckle up and see what happens. Just keep using your best judgment - even when mindlessly scrolling through memes.

Mike Bloomberg running for president, bloomberg campaign paying big meme accounts to promote bloomberg for 2020, fuckjerry, meme2020 | mikebloomberg 6:24 PM Hello Jerry. My granddaughter showed this account memes are very humorous. Can post meme lets everyone know l'm cool candidate did have mind cool candidate. Ooof will cost like billion dollars 's Venmo?
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