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Marco Rubio's 'Marshall Law' Tweet Has People Hoping For A New Eminem Album

On Monday, former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio tweeted out asking people to stop spreading false rumors about "Marshall Law" while cities across the United States continue to go into lock down on account of the spread of COVID-19. Of course, Rubio meant to say martial law but that hasn't stopped people on the internet from a.) joking about the release of a brand new Eminem album, and b.) the department store called Marshalls. 

Unfortunately, Eminem has denied a new album release, but we're still enjoying the memes and tweets that have come out of Rubio's Twitter snafu regardless.

marshall law memes | Marco Rubio @marcorubio Please stop spreading stupid rumors about marshall law. COMPLETELY FALSE will continue see closings restrictions on hours non-essential businesses certain cities states. But is NOT marshall law. eminem poster grahamclark @grahamclark Mar 16 This fall on NBC: Marshall Law.
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