Punny Musical Upgrade Memes Are Low Effort And High Reward

Last week we started noticing some memes floating around that hail the discovery of a Mambo #6. For all you Zoomers, that's a reference to Lou Bega's "one hit wonder" from 1999. This week we realized that the Mambo #6 memes inspired a host of pun-tastic music memes that imagine the upgrades of popular artists and bands. The meme is honestly a dad joke-lover's dream, and the memes are so easy to come up with that you can't help but join the fun. We've put together our favorites, but you can read all about these referential wonders at Know Your Meme.

Funny music memes, finally, upgrade memes, mambo #6, cardi b | wizard gandalf lotr smoking a pipe while holding a glowing orb: FINALLY MAMBO NO.6 | scientist in face mask and goggles holding up a lab flask with a liquid in it: FINALLY @CARDI C
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