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21 Double Take-Worthy Memes That Are Not What They Seem

Right now, ridiculous activities like making lunch or buying unnecessary bougie ingredients like "coffee sugar" on the internet feel absolutely thrilling. The climate seems to have simultaneously lowered our standards of entertainment and heightened our need for it. That's why these double-take images and memes are extra satisfying. There's more to them than your average relatable meme, and if you're lucky they may elicit a tiny shocked gasp from your bored mouth. And that's all we can really ask for.

Funny memes and photos that make you do a double take. | Linsey Davis @LinseyDavis Welp never wearing this top again C NEWS PRIME STIMULUS STALEMATE DEMS BLOCK GOP RELIEF BILL OVER CORPORATE "SLUSH FUND" Pablo Escobarner (blue check PabloEscobarner makes look like Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Hearts lol | This cat looks like 's holding little cat-sized machine gun
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