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27 Cringey Stories Spun By Brazen Liars

There's something about internet anonymity that allows people to feel comfortable bending the truth or even blatantly lying. There are also people who feel totally fine fibbing to the friends and family on their timeline. Why? Well, some people do it to make a political or societal point. Other people weave creative tales for attention or pity. Others just want clout or Reddit karma. Generally they all have one thing in common: the striking ability to write outlandish stories that are pretty much guaranteed to make you cringe.

Funny and cringey stories from reddit that are completely made up | Official Flat Earth Discussion V New Member HOLY FULL MOON HAD RANDOM GUY MY APARTMENT LAST NIGHT WHO WORKED NASA AND SAYS YES EARTH IS FLAT AND THERE IS DOME. HE SAID NASA IS NOTHING BUT SMOKE AND MIRRORS. KAPOW Yeah, then conversation got weird really really weird but very very interesting | TikTok buying groceries and ran into girl my age and spilled my stuff so she helped pick up my stuff and apoligized but slipped into my
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