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TikTokers Discovered How to Use Their Imagination, They Call It ‘Reality Shifting’

Welcome to the weird world of #ShiftTok, where reality can be whatever I want [stares in Thanos].

Reality Shifting. Desired Reality. Current Reality. Scripting. If you're not yet privy to these terms, let's bring you up to speed. Like Otherkin and Ms. Scribe before it, 'Reality Shifting' is a contemporary niche community that crosses fanfic with some dubious theories on quantum reality. Now, the shifting community goes way, way beyond TikTok, but for the sake of your sanity, we're going to focus on #ShiftTok.

Via @beashifting


According to purveyors of the idea, Shifting is not lucid dreaming, astral projection, meditation, time traveling, or dissociation. Shifters can supposedly script a 'desired reality' by writing it down and then willing their subconscious into that desired reality through a number of techniques that require patience, practice and determination. Though incarnations of this online community have been around for quite some time, there was an unsurprising surge in Reality Shifting discussions on TikTok at the start of the pandemic. Escapism assumed many forms for those in quarantine, and while some were retreating into their Minecraft realms, others were attempting to literally shape reality to their liking.

Join us on this saga.

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