lost nerf darts


These 'Lost Nerf Dart' Memes Fill Us With Frustration And Nostalgia

Everyone loves nostalgia, and this trending dank meme relies heavily on those wistful feelings to drive their joke across. Nerf guns may exist now, but they're not nearly as present as they seemed to be when your old AF editors were in their Nerf-shooting days. Besides the hours of tomfoolery, there's one thing about Nerf guns has always stood out to us: the fact that the darts always seem to disappear. It doesn't matter if you're shootin' them in a big field or a small room with no furniture. The damn things seem to vanish in thin air. We're not sure if it's a conspiracy orchestrated by the Nerf bigwigs or if there's some sort of parallel universe where the Nerf darts are located. We do know, however, that we appreciate r/dankmemes for shedding light on these mysteries. Now we just need a History channel investigation.

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