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Roommate Horror Stories That Are Arguments For Living Alone

Ever hear a boomer talk about how they bought a house straight out of college? Of course you have! Our parents and grandparents seem to have had it much easier than we do. We're loathe to trigger anyone with these "tired millennial complaints", but the harsh reality is that many of us younger folk are forced to live with multiple roommates, which means we have to deal with an awful lot of in-home politics, and sometimes - horror stories. These tales from the roommate crypt are reminders of why we need to save money and GTFO of these living situations for good.

Funny and passive aggressive signs and stories about having roommates | Roomie removed Oreo cookies Lunchable, and then put it back fridge LUNCHABLE WHITE TURKEY-CURED-SMOKE FLAVOR ADDED PASTEURIZED PREPARED AMERICAN CHEESE PRODUCT, CRACKERS CHOCOLATE SANDWICH COOKIES | ben accidentally filled room with Hydrogen it is well above toxic levels will unlock 7pm Its super toxic. My bad airing out wont again
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