Lily Collins


'Ontas' Is Confusing The Hell Out Of The Internet And Bringing The Memes

Forget the Mueller report, today the internet is very preoccupied with the term "ontas." The phrase has been sliding into celebrity DMs and leaving many people very, very confused. It's actually a Spanish portmanteau of "¿Dónde estás?" - basically a Spanish language version of "You up?" 

According to Know Your Meme, the phrase started trending after Twitter user @DimeElets posted an exchange with actress Lily Collins that left her understandably confused. The memes, and confusion, unfolded from there. We're just happy to be able to send bootycall requests in more than one language. Knowledge is power, folks. 

For more on the Ontas craze, check out this piece from our friends at Ebaum's World.

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