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'Google Real Name Search' Memes Are Hilariously Roasting Celebrities

We're all about fake google search memes (they're so easy to exploit) and we're happy to announce that this one is making a comeback. Back in January, memers were giddily mocking rapper Lil Pump on Reddit. The meme in question claimed his full name is actually Lilliam Pumpernickel. If only. 

This week the format was shared on r/memeeconomy and memers are happily putting it to good use. While Soundcloud rappers are easy targets, we're especially delighted by the riffs on Kat Von D and Mark Zuckerberg. We need more. Luckily for these celebrities though, these are just entertaining alternative names to find them on Google. At least they weren't born Richard Short or B.J. Cobbledick, like some of these unlucky individuals with unfortunate names.

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