ligma balls

When some asks what Ligma means, the appropriate response is Ligma balls


17 Best 'Ligma' Memes You Won't Find On WebMD

The latest viral meme to grace the internet is actually a variation of some seriously infantile and old-school jokes. So, obviously, we love it. 

What is Ligma?

The story of "Ligma" began when Instagram user @ninjahater rallied their followers to convince the world that Fortnite streamer Ninja had perished of the fictional disease. The hope was that people would ask "What's Ligma?" and the response would be a very mature "Ligma balls."  

A week later, it's clear that @ninjahater's mission has been accomplished. People all around the world believed that Ninja had died, which means people all around the world fell for the ruse. The joke has exploded on Reddit and Instagram since its inception - and here are some of our favorite examples of the meme. We're not sure how long we'll be able to prank our friends but we're definitely enjoying the challenge. 

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