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Twenty-Three 'He Is The Messiah' Memes Inspired By 'Life Of Brian'

So perhaps the Baby Boomer generation did create something great; Monty Python, which has unarguably gone down in history as one of the greatest comedy troupes of all time. Accordingly, we've gathered up some of the best "He is the Messiah" memes inspired by the film Life of Brian.

Unfortunately though, we have some sad news in that the film's director Terry Jones has passed away. RIP.

Check out Know Your Meme for even more examples!

Funny dank memes entitled, 'He is the Messiah' inspired by a scene in 'Life of Brian' from Monty Python | baby yoda Will please listen? l'm not messiah all reddit HE IS MESSIAH! only one who raises their hand answer hard question HE IS MESSIAH!
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