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'He's Got A Point' Memes Are (Mostly) For Uncomfortable Or Dumb Truths

Disney's The Emperor's New Groove has supplied the world with myriad memes, and this one is almost as delightful as the rest. The format features Kronk in the throes of an internal debate, at a point where the angel on his shoulder utters "No, no, he's got a point." Instead of using the phrase for positive and literal meanings, this clip has mostly been used to describe situations in which you wish someone didn't have a point. It's also used for pretty general edgy shitposts. While it's been around for a couple months, it's never too late to share some of this Reddit-born gold. If you're left wanting more, check out the comprehensive entry over at Know Your Meme.  

funny memes featuring kronk from emperor's new groove, no no he's got a point | If rubbing alcohol fixes outside boo boo, then drinking alcohol fixes inside boo boo Chris no No, no. He's got point. guy dressed like jesus christ in sunglasses with a cigarette in his mouth holding a sign: don't sin If Jesus died nothing No, no. He's got point.
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