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Twitter Users Share What They Once Thought Were Indicators Of Wealth

When I was a kid I thought my peers with Barbie dolls were rich. And people with air conditioners. And I wasn't the only child with a unique idea of what indicated that someone had money. This thread from @cpoliticditto proves that most kids had their own special ideas of wealth:

"My wife grew up thinking that having water/ice dispensers IN THE FRIDGE DOOR was a life goal.  I grew up thinking if you had a basketball hoop with a clear/plexiglass backboard, you were rich.  What are some things you thought were indicators of wealth when you were a kid?" 

The responses are a nice mix of amusing and depressing. While some kids thought that having an attic or a wide variety of cereal meant someone was privileged, other kids thought hot dog buns were a luxury. We've included some of our favorite responses, but there are tons more over at the thread.

Tweets about what kids used to think meant people were rich, wealth, funny, childhood | connectpoliticditto @cpoliticditto My wife grew up thinking having water/ice dispensers FRIDGE DOOR life goal grew up thinking if had basketball hoop with clear/ plexiglass backboard were rich are some things thought were indicators wealth were kid? | Le Ah @lfonten2 Replying cpoliticditto grew up San Diego military housing (old small townhouses) so thought having house with California roof meant were rich dr
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