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Twitter Thread: How Dave Chappelle Taught A Comedy Crowd About The History Of Black People And Police

As anti-racism protests continue to be held around the United States following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, many people are receiving some serious education in the area of race relations and the way police treat people of color. Given the climate, comic Kenny DeForest thought it was the right time to share this story from 2015. Dave Chappelle was a surprise guest at one of DeForest's shows at the Knit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the crowd (who may have been hoping for a standard set) received a sobering and eye-opening story about the history of black people and police in the US. By the end, even people who initially made light of his tale were humbled and grateful for the experience. It feels very relevant right now, and is a testament to the fact that it is possible to change minds.

Twitter thread about how dave chappelle surprised comedy show in brooklyn, taught people about the relationship of the police and black me, racism, protests, anti-racism protests, black lives matter | My coolest night comedy Chappelle dropped by @ComedyAtTheKnit MrWillMiles @theeclarkjones were still hosting were back room he town supporting Kevin Hart hosting SNL texted @joyellenicole like "any chance Dave wants go up | @KennyDeForest start show thinking he MIGHT come couple comics he sneaks
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