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Heinous Tweet Claims 'Karen' Is A Slur, Enrages Twitter

As the world struggles with bigger issues, Karens around the globe are continuing to act like entitled morons. While some are choosing to harass Karen meme pages, others prefer using to Twitter to air their grievances. On Sunday, one such Karen took to the social media site claiming that "Karen" (the 'K-word) is stronger than the "n-word." Twitter users were appropriately perturbed by the sentiment, responding with heartfelt objections and some predictable Karen humor. While it's pretty clear that the tweet comes from a troll account or a bot, there are really people out there who feel this way. And they really, really, really need to be stopped.

Crazy tweet comparing the word karen to the n-word, slurs, manager, john mulaney, viral tweets | EmillySwaven @EmillySwaven Yes K-word is stronger than n-word, at least currently. Misogyny and patriarchy has been around longer than slavery. Just don't use either, ok? dear millenials: Stop saying Karen "Karen" is sexist and racist term equivalent n-word white women. Calling woman "Karen" is an attempt get rid women's right stand up themselves. 4:02 PM 4/19/20 Twitter iPhone | Kyle e @KylePlantEm
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