Ariana Grande's Epic Tattoo Fail Is Inspiring Some Sizzling Roasts

Ariana Grande is getting roasted hard for the newest addition to her tattoo collection. On Tuesday, the singer posted a photo on Instagram of the tattoo on her palm, which supposedly reads "seven rings" in Japanese in honor of her latest single of the same name. Only, Japanese speakers on social media started noticing that the tattoo doesn't actually say "seven rings," but rather "Japanese-style barbecue grill" due to a terrible translation fail.

Following the backlash, Grande deleted her Instagram post and attempted to "fix" the tattoo with the help of her Japanese tutor by adding another character and a heart symbol. Unfortunately, this time around the tattoo reads "Japanese barbecue finger <3" which is arguably a lot worse than the original. Might be time to find a better tutor, Ariana. Sigh.

arianga grandes tattoo fail
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